Privacy Policy

Last revised: 09/28/2014

Attribyte does not disclose information provided by visitors to its sites, or using its services. Data is not shared, traded, or sold to third-parties. However, if required by law, court-order or other judicial proceeding, Attribyte may be compelled to disclose logs or other Collected Information.

Collected Information

Attribyte's servers may collect non-personal data that includes the domain name, IP address, browser version (including the operating system) and time of each visit to the site. Aggregate information on individual page access and visits may be collected. From time to time, collected information is purged, without backup or archive.

Third-Party Components

Attribyte's sites may contain components such as images, advertisements or scripts that are loaded from third-party servers, allowing them to record header information provided by your browser. Also, if they choose, and you accept them, to set cookies. Attribyte does not control and disclaims any responsibility for the use of information sent to third-party sites.

Cookies/Local Storage

Cookies are only set and recorded for Attribyte's services that require registration and log-in. Otherwise, cookies are not set or required. Some Attribyte sites allow personalization. These sites store preferences in the browser using local storage, not on our servers. They may also locally store a random token that indicates a previous visit.

Information Security

We try hard to protect you from unauthorized information disclosure or monitoring. All sites are available through SSL/TLS (https) by default.
  · Access to services that use cookies or require log-in is always encrypted using SSL/TLS.
  · SSL/TLS is used whenever possible for internal API communication.