A utility for creating services that relay data from an arbitrary supplier to an HTTP endpoint. Messages are sent asynchronously with configurable concurrency. Any failed messages are retried with exponential back-off, up to a configurable limit. All components are instrumented and reporting to Graphite, CloudWatch, Essem, or New Relic is supported out-of-the box.



Essem is a server that accepts, stores, indexes, and graphs metrics as supplied by Dropwizard Metrics. It uses an Elasticsearch ® instance for storing and selecting data for graphs. A Metrics reporter is provided to allow applications to periodically push metrics to Essem. Essem can also be configured to poll endpoints that expose metrics in the JSON format defined by the Dropwizard metrics module. JSON documents in this same format may also be PUT to the server. Graphs of reported metrics can be queried using a JSON API. Essem also provides a querying and graphing console that makes it fast and easy to find and examine any metric field at various resolutions. Charts are generated by MetricsGraphics.js, based on D3.



A complete, fully-functional implementation of the pubsubhubbub protocol. Although the specification was created to define a push mechanism for blog feeds (e.g. Atom or RSS), it is extremely useful for many other publish-subscribe scenarios because it is simple to use and easy to deploy over HTTPS.



A JDBC connection pool designed to support the high throughput, concurrency, tuning, monitoring and reporting typically required to support production application servers. All Attribyte products and services currently use it.



A HTTP model that presents an immutable interface and allows client implementations/models to be easily swapped.